Marie Viennot, Colas Lucot and Anna Kempin, during Vox contemporary dance performance in BelgiumThree modern dancers captured in movement, during Vox contemporary dance performance
Photo credits:
Bart Grietens
video credits:
Emilie Jacomet


Past event
Premiere: STUK, Belgium
Further: ZPC, Croatia
Free event

Vox began with the idea of expanding some of the elements from David Hernandez’ solo work in dance, theater and music to a core group of dancers and through artistic experimentation with collaborators from other disciplines. Sound artist and producer Zoë McPherson blends live recordings of the dancers’ voices and breathing with source material to create a hypnotic electronic soundscapes and polyrhythms. Croatian artist Zdravka Kirigin’s intimate universe pushes the dancers to invent, transforming light and sound while they move, expanding form and rhythm into new layers of visual poetry. David Hernandez’ signature detail in crafting the interplay between space and movement sets the whole conversation in motion, inviting the audience to the cusp of where voice brings meaning to movement.