Dancer Anna Kempin captured while dancing contemporary dance with her colleagues Tobias Hergt and Antonia BischofDancer Anna Kempin, Christina Bischof and Rica Matthes dancing contemporary dance by standing and looking at their own bodies.Dancer Anna Kempin and Amith Wijesinghe dancing in dynamic walking patterns to live violin and cello music.Anna Kempin captured on the floor dancing contemporary dance with one leg up in the air.A Duett of Anna Kempin and Christina Bischof dancing a contemporary choroegraphy in synchrony.

Glück und das Gegenteil (Rehearsal)

Photo Credits:
Jennifer Rohrbacher
Katja Gluding
@Freiburg, Germany

In this inclusion project 6 dancers with and without handicaps explore luck and the opposite of it - how it can be expressed through and moved by our bodies.