Anna Kempin is making a bridge with her body, during InBetWeEn A Shock dance performanceAnna Kempin captured during her InBetWeEn A Shock dance performance, displaying her muscular backAnna Kempin is balancing on her toes with head raised towards the ceiling, during InBetWeEn A Shock dance performanceDancer Anna Kempin caputured in a pose where she is unbuttoning her shirt during dance performance called InBetWeEn A Shock

Inbetween a Shock

Photo Credits:
Paul Leclaire
Anna Kempin / Mentored by Evangelos Poulinas

As a student of the BA Dance program I presented a five-minute performance in the artistic presentation format: Solo edition. It offers a variety of performances that explore, reflect and contextualise body, movement and dance.The starting point was getting inspired by the work of an international artist and to use this input for my own dance and its disseminating research. The Solo Inbetween a Shock was mentored by Evangelos Poulinas and created in 2018.