Anna Kempin is captured during dance workshop in Freiburg together with another dancerAnna Kempin and other dancer are balancing on their feet with head raised high, touching floor with one handDancer Anna Kempin is doing floorwork during Tanznetz Freiburg dance workshopAnna kempin captured during her Tanznetz Freiburg dance workshop, where she is holding other dancers headAll the dancers together with Anna Kempin are laying on the floor during Tanznetz Freiburg dance workshop


Photo Credits:
Jennifer Rohrbacher
Mentored by Monica Gillette and Edan Gorlicki

I had a chance to participate as a dancer in tanznetz|freiburg workshop for choreographers, where the themes for the week were: dealing with instinct, decision making, communication and execution. Dancers were encouraged to reflect on their roles in a creative process, while challenging their artistic canons and committing technical excellence for the benefit of adding depth to a research process.