Dancer Anna Kempin captured during Wilder Shores rehearsal, where she is lifted up in the air by another dancerAnna Kempin and a male dancer looking at each other and WIlder Shores rehearsal, composed by Michèle MurrayContemporary dance dancers captured during a rehearsal in Montpellier, FranceAnna Kempin and other modern dance dancers during a rehearsal of Wilder Shores, choreographed by Michèle MurrayAnna Kempin and other dancer are captured during a rehearsalAnna Kempin and other dancer are making complex modern dance moves during a rehearsal

Wilder Shores (rehearsal)

Photo Credits:
Julien Reyes
Michèle Murray
@Montpellier, France

The project WILDER SHORES owes its title to a painting by the American painter Cy Twombly entitled "The wilder shores of love". Transferred to the project, we dealt with the “wilder shores” of time, space, movement and energy, of dance and choreography.